Who We Are

Orange Digit Inc. is focusing on the digital data intellectual property business. We are focusing on data-based business, and we provide services for partial digital transformation on how to efficiently display this data. We are diversifying our business with a decentralized structure of digital data.

For the first time, we developed and sold the Viewporter® e-book editor, and afterward, the BIGDEO® Web Solution Division has been developing and servicing web-based applications. In addition, we are developing and servicing AppForest™(http://appforest.net/), a smart source code store for the gig economy that will be applied to industries in various forms in the near future.

Huhalab™ (https://huhalab.com/) – Provides electric vehicle data solutions. You can monitor and manage electric vehicle data.

Our company is converging technologies based on data from various industries based on Interfacology™. Starting with the most basic data, we are producing data that connects industries.

Through Respect, we cooperate with each other and create values together.

Through Share, we are working hard to exert a good influence on the global market, starting with the company’s organization at a small level, to the local community.

Fitting‘s best service strategy is with the market. We want to create an animated service and share its value.

Sustainability As always, we will support the service through the best technology for sustainable service.

We are also challenging today for the happiness of mankind through a goal based on Interfacology™. Now, Orange Digit, a leader in the digital content and data business market, is with you.


Orange Digit